Happy Black Friday!

Directed and co-wrote this sketch with Sasheer Zamata for Above Average.  Hope you likes!

New Storytimes!

New Storytimes, the web series I created/direct!  

“I am a Dog”

New Music Video I directed starring SNL’s Jay Pharoah!

Citibike Hates You

New sketch I directed and co-wrote with Meghan O’Neill!

Directed this Bug Dust spot with Charlyne Yi and Becky Stark!

So Charlyne Yi and Becky Stark are two of my favorite performers.  I’ve been super into their alternative style of comedy and performance for awhile* so it was a bunch of fun to make this spot for their show.  If you are in LA come on through!


*also if you haven’t seen High School Record or Paper Heart you need to check them out IMMEDIATELY.

Exquisite Corpse Project on Splitsider!

So I co-wrote this and now you can go watch it because it’s awesome!


Poster for my first feature!

So this lovely poster was designed by the amazingly talented cartoonist Domitille Collardey. And the logo for the company, Real Human Films, was designed by Laura Crescenti.  I love this because it feels lonely in a way, but the color palette is warm and optimistic.  Also, it reminds me a bit of the cover of one of my favorite designers, Christoph Niemann.

Hope you like it!

So now I’m a political comedy director too.

I Directed this series of political pieces with Michael Che for Above Average (comedy web wing of Broadway Video/SNL empressario Lorne Michaels)! Watch and vote!

My first interview!

I got interviewed about the TV on the Radio Doc I directed and I don’t sound like a total tool! You can read my jibber jabber here:

Thanks so much to Andy Markowitz for treating me with kid gloves.  Also, it’s screening in Minneapolis on the 13th of October at SoundUnseen.  Go check it!

I directed this! “Sasheer Meets Her Flasher”

Here is the lastest video I made for Punch just got picked by by The Hairpin.  Also, it’s based on a previous series of storytelling videos I used to make.  Also, I am really enamoured with the writer/actress/comedian/STAR! Sasheer Zamata who is SO FUNNY and really great at the nuanced levels of story within story.

“Oooh Cool!”

Hopes you like.