Directed this Bug Dust spot with Charlyne Yi and Becky Stark!

So Charlyne Yi and Becky Stark are two of my favorite performers.  I’ve been super into their alternative style of comedy and performance for awhile* so it was a bunch of fun to make this spot for their show.  If you are in LA come on through!


*also if you haven’t seen High School Record or Paper Heart you need to check them out IMMEDIATELY.

“I am not a joke” by Kate Mitchell

The idea and end of this video is perfect.

I directed this! “Sasheer Meets Her Flasher”

Here is the lastest video I made for Punch just got picked by by The Hairpin.  Also, it’s based on a previous series of storytelling videos I used to make.  Also, I am really enamoured with the writer/actress/comedian/STAR! Sasheer Zamata who is SO FUNNY and really great at the nuanced levels of story within story.

“Oooh Cool!”

Hopes you like.


Richard’s Wedding (looks great!)

I’m a pretty big fan of Factory 25 films, and this one looks great.  Playing June 1-7th at ReRun Theatre in Dumbo, which is great place to see movies.  Plus it has a bunch New York  filmmakers and indie stars in it.  See ya there!

The Color Wheel

So, I went to see The Color Wheel at BAM and it was terrific.  I went partially because I love awkward comedies and partially because this film is made by a friend of mine, the very talented Carlen Altman.  But mainly I’m excited about it because of a quote in the New York Times by the director Alex Ross Perry that sort of summed up why this film is great and worth seeing.

“I’ve never understood the lack of risk taking in this milieu of films that are self-financed,” he said. “Anybody who’s asking their family or friends for help to make their film: Why wouldn’t you make that film as crazy and personal as possible?”

If you are in New York, seriously do yourself a favor and check it out a BAM.  It’s totally worth it.

Untitled Web Series That Morgan Evans is Doing

Are you guys watching Morgan’s Show yet?  It’s so incredibly comforting, I don’t know what I’m gonna do when the series wraps Friday.  It’s like Friends getting cancelled all over again!*

*What?  Friends was voluntarily shut down?!  That’s crazy! Read the rest of this entry »

Complete History of My Sexual Failures

So I was just googling some stuff, and this movie came up. Don’t ask me what I was googling.* Anyway, this movie is really good. You get to see a guy get whipped in the dick. Also, it’s very funny and sweet. Remember movies like The Apartment, when the comedy and the sweet and sad were all intermingled? This is sorta like that but with more dick whipping.

*I was googling the IFC films website, if you must know.

The Parent Project: Um, basically this is the best.

Thanks to Channel 101 for making a space where this can get major (and totally deserved) props. And big ups to Brett Weiner and his awesome mom!

Roseanne is a badass.

Have you guys read the New York Magazine Article Roseanne wrote about the process of making her sitcom? It’s pretty incredible.